Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Oh how time flies when you're insanely busy!! :o) I'm thoroughly enjoying life right now! Alena and Tirus are doing really well in school. They both love going and are learning a lot! I actually wouldn't be surprised if Tirus is reading by the end of preschool. He's constantly pointing to words and asking what they say and he'll even try to sound words out that he sees around the house. Alena is already starting to read chapter books! She really enjoys the Junie B. Jones series. I may have to get her some of her own for Christmas or something. Hmm...

Anthony and I are doing really well. I sure do love that man! :o) He's an angel for putting up with my inability to keep up with the housework as of late! I've just been so stinkin tired lately and I've been finding it impossible to keep up with everything! Between swim lessons, BSF, Awanas, driving 2 kids to and from school at different times and to different locations...I just can't seem to find enough time to fit in all the household duties that I was so good at keeping up on just a few short months ago. I don't know if I blame the busy schedule or the little peanut in my tummy that's making me more tired than I thought possible. Either way, I really appreciate having a husband that never complains about coming home to a messy house or not always having dinner on the table when he gets home after working all day. He knows I'm trying my best and all he asks is that he gets to come home to a happy wife and kids...and with prego hormones raging I can't even promise that one! Poor's a miracle that marriages can withstand the rocky road of pregnancy!! :o) Thank you, God, for my amazing husband!!

Our newest member of our family, little baby Jack Ryan, is doing really good. I definitely find myself much more paranoid about his well being than I was with my other two pregnancies. Every day that he's not as active as I'd like him to be I get rather worried and imagine the worst but I'm finding it a wonderful opportunity to work on trusting God. He already knows how long I will carry Jack in my tummy. He already knows the number of days there will be in Jack's life. My worrying about it won't change it one iota...all it will do is cause me to stop trusting God and it could even have a negative effect on my little baby...stress is never a good thing in pregnancy - or ever, for that matter! So, to sum it all up...I'm learning every day to trust God with the health and development of my son, Jack.

I caved in yesterday and finally went and got a flu shot. It's funny...I can handle the pain of natural childbirth like a champ but don't you dare give me a flu shot and expect me not to whine like a little baby because my shoulder hurts!! :o) It STILL hurts too!! When will it end?!?!??! :o) But seriously, the shot itself didn't hurt at all but 36 hours later, my shoulder still feels like it got hit with a hammer! Lame...

Well, I'd better get going. I've got my nephews over for a sleepover and their movie just got over. Time for the chaos to resume... :o)

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Tina said...

Thanks for the update friend!! I am proud of you for all the work you are able to get done - your schedule is crazy for someone who is not growing a human. God bless and hope to see you soon!